AXS Map is North America’s largest database of accessible places. Users of AXS Map rate business and public establishments based on their accessibility and disability accommodations. This is turn guides other users in navigating their communities and places of travel. In the last 10 years, AXS Map users have generated over 150,000 reviews. AXS Map continues to raise awareness about the simple changes that can be made for a more accessible world.

Being part of AXS Map’s ongoing push toward a more accessible world is easy. Create your personal account at, and you will be able to create reviews on the accessibility standards of any establishment. Rate based on certain criteria: Do they accommodate guide dogs? How accessible is the parking? Do they have a second entryway? Is it quiet or noisy? Dark or well-lit? How spacious is the doorway? All of these things factor into an establishment’s overall rating. This is a quick and easy way for anybody with disabilities to see whether they can access this establishment or not.

We need your help to fulfill our dream of creating a fully accessible world. By using AXS Map, you’ll be continuing the dialogue of “When We Walk”, and pushing us toward our mission to serve people with disabilities and help them live independent lives. Find out more at, and check out our e-store at