Filmmaker Jason DaSilva has been living with a severe form of multiple sclerosis for over 10 years. When his son moves 1700 miles away to Austin Texas he is unable to cope with this loss. He attempts to relocate to Austin which reveals to him the extent of the broken Medicaid system. He discovers that state-run Medicaid would require him to live in a nursing home.

When We Walk documents a devoted father and filmmaker with an indestructible drive to keep the cameras rolling no matter what, and to show his son what it means to never give up.


When We Walk chronicles the life of disability activist and filmmaker Jason DaSilva as he confronts the next chapter of his life. Picking up where his critically acclaimed documentary, When I Walk, left off, DaSilva finds himself faced with a multitude of challenges that will define the rest of his life. The personal struggles we witnessed in his first film are only getting more complex.

After 15 years of multiple sclerosis, the disease paralyzes him from the neck down. His 7-year-long relationship with his son Jase’s mother falls apart. Making matters worse, she packs up their SUV and moves to Texas, taking Jase with her. Instead of folding to the circumstance, Jason straps his camera bag to his wheelchair; this time setting off for Texas on a journey that leads him through the inconsistencies of America’s broken Medicaid system. When We Walk chronicles the issues of a system that is not working for DaSilva, and shows him and his audience the plight that people in his type of situation and community are facing in America.